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NewMAP guides Canadian companies through a process of determining their export readiness, evaluating and selecting a new market, and developing a successful market entry strategy. 

What is NewMAP?

"Is my company ready to compete in a new market?"

If you are pondering whether or not to go global with your company's products and services, recognize that you already are "global", in that you probably have global competitors.

You already exist in a competitive global marketplace.

About the NewMAP Program

NewMAP was developed to provide a "concierge" for Canadian companies to develop their new market expansion strategy. The program is delivered in a one-on-one format by new market entry experts and export specialists tasked with helping companies grow their bottom line via success in new markets.

Key to the success of NewMAP is the guided process that has been developed over the past 10 years. Guiding companies through key elements of new market readiness, identification, qualification and access is critical to assist companies' acceleration to new market entry success.

Did you know....

Canadian governments at both the provincial and federal levels have created several funding programs to encourage Canadian companies to pursue new market development initiatives. Contact us today to find out what subsidies apply to your region. You may save as much as 75% on the cost of NewMAP.

Export Readiness & Capacity

Understanding you

What parts of your value proposition are key to your success, and how will you transfer that value to a new market? What are some of the external barriers, and internal capacity issues that may hinder your ability to grow sustainably?  


Pushes & Pulls

Evaluating fit

What internal qualities, skills, or relationships naturally expose you to certain markets? What types of incentives or market characteristics lead you to choose one market over another? 

Market Identification & Prioritization

Ranking opportunities

Are you looking to expand geographically, or vertically? What market characteristics are key to your success? Where are your clients and future project prospects located? Where are decision makers located?

Market Entry Strategy Development

Choosing method

What is the ideal market entry method given the chosen target market? What to consider when creating a new market entry budget? What will your promotional strategy be?


For further details and information on any of the individual sessions or how they might work together as the full course, please do no hesitate to reach out at

NewMAP uses a unique blend of one-on-one coaching, presentations, and short assignments, to help guide you through the critical elements that will ensure you make the best decision when choosing where and how you are going to enter a new market. NewMAP is a four step program delivered by experienced export and new market entry instructors. The program is designed to be as flexible with your timeline as possible - meaning either fit into a condensed itinerary or spread out over four sessions.





As you proceed through NewMAP, you will be compiling relevant resources and data that will form a strategic plan and market development roadmap specific to your company.


By the end of the program you will have produced a comprehensive written market entry plan that will become the blueprint to your export implementation strategy. This is a tool that can be shared with shareholders, government, and other stakeholders to garner support for your new market endeavour, or simply used internally to guide your export activities. 

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