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The NewMAP Export Readiness Workshop assists business leaders as they assess their company's capacity for new market development while taking a critical look at some of the external barriers that could help or hinder their expansion.

Although every company has a unique set of assets and service capabilities, they face similar challenges when it comes to exploring new market opportunities. These challenges can be understood and harnessed if broken down into critical market expansion success factors including:

  • Company culture

  • Capacity

  • Technical capability

  • Systems to support expansion

  • Leadership capacity

  • Industry structure

  • Market maturity

The first half of the Workshop will give the participants tools for assessing and scoring their company’s internal capacity and ability to expand to new markets. The second half of the modules will uncover potential markets to be considered and key factors that should guide your decision to market choice.

New Market Visit Workshop (SET)

NewMAP Workshops

In addition to our full NewMAP program, we also offer a series of hands-on Workshops which can be delivered to individual companies, or to groups of business leaders as they evaluate their company to build a plan for expansion into new markets outside of their current jurisdictions or industries.

Export Readiness Workshop (READY)

The NewMAP Market Visit Preparation Workshop educates business leaders on how to prepare for a trade mission or business trip in order to capitalise on opportunities as they arise, and increase chances of export success. This half-day workshop guides participants through the critical research, internal preparation, and follow up activities that make up an effective market visit strategy.

Travel is vital for businesses that want to export. Without careful preparation, a business trip to a new market or a large trade show can be overwhelming, ineffective, and expensive.  

Based on the lessons learned from over a decade helping prepare clients for global business travel, this Workshop will give participants the tools and know-how to achieve the greatest return on investment from a market visit or trade mission.




Contact us today for a custom quote and to learn more about how our Workshops can propel your business to export success.

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