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Export Readiness Micro-Voucher Program

SMEs interested in entering a new market often ask "What do I need to do to start exporting?

Through Alberta Innovates' Export Readiness Micro-Voucher Program, the provincial government is providing financial support to encourage more companies to export to new markets. The program helps SMEs cover the costs of hiring a qualified service provider (such as NewMAP) to develop a targeted international market entry strategy and an export-specific marketing plan for international expansion.

Alberta Innovates will cover 75% of NewMAP's project costs (up to $10,000). ​


Contact us today to see how you can save big while developing a world-class new market entry strategy that will propel your company to new heights. ​


The Applicant must meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. Be a for-profit SME

  2. > $50,000 in revenue for previous fiscal year

  3. Physical presence in Alberta

  4. Incorporated or registered in Alberta

  5. Show evidence of adequate operational capital and sound financial resources to develop and commercialize the product or service

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